Promoting the Times Is Timely

Even before The New York Times newspaper was graphically designed to enter the 20th century, its promotion department created memorable graphic design that underscored the greatness of the institution and won the hearts and minds of New Yorkers (like me). Opening on Wednesday Sept 5 at the Times Building, a mini-exhibition produced by the...

Songbird Janet Klein's Hotsy-Totsy Music Designs

By day, Janet Klein is a printing industry representative and sidekick to world-class designers and art institutions. By night—and on weekends—she’s a uke-playing chanteuse. And here in Los Angeles she’s a legend among aficionados of early 1900s ditties, and vintage design. Accompanied by Ian “You Turn Me On” Whitcomb and her other “Parlor Boys,”...

Advertising that Goes Hot and Cold

As long as advertising has existed, advertisers have looked for places to affix their advertisements. Bananas were the big thing in the 90s. Thermometers were the big thing in the 30s. It was one place, among many, that a prospective consumer was certain to look. Here are a few French thermomads (my coinage).