On Lies And Propaganda

I would love to have seen an interview with the "founder" of public relations and "spin" in the United States, Edward L. Bernays, and the Nazi Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels, perhaps moderated by Rudolph "Truth is Not Truth" Guiliani. Could you just imagine? It might go something like this.

The Politics of Confusion Still Works

The techniques of disruption are not new to the Putin and Trump regimes. Soviet propaganda of the postwar years turned its media towards the war weary German’s to persuade the majority in the Western sector to favor the East in the hot-cold war that was simmering between Western and Soviet powers. “Their main purpose...

Weekend Heller: This Means War!

“War and Propaganda 14/18”, a new exhibition, provides insight into the broad spectrum of mass manipulation in everything from posters to children's toys carried out during the period in question.