A Present for Punk’s 40th Bday

Steven Heller previews a collection of punk posters from Andrew Krivine's archive, "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die," the sina qua non of punk graphics.


Image of the Day, May 9, 2013

Beautifully-created exhibition catalog cover for the new Met exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture. The catalog is available for purchase here and the exhibtion opens today. Via The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Complete Anarchy, Illustrated

As the Tea Party and Occupy movements fade from the political scene, anarchy is still visible . . . well, its graphics are, anyway. In England, Autonomy: The Cover Designs of Anarchy, 1961–1970 just hit the streets. And PM Press is singlehandedly keeping anarchy alive with an impressive catalog of revolutionary fare that covers...

Mexico’s Graphic Novel Diva on Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Progressive Politics

Cecilia “C.S.” Pego established a reputation in her native Mexico as “La Diva de la Novela Grafica Mexicana.” Her characteristic use of bold blacks give her comics their graphic power. But her art continues to evolve in sophistication. Sardonia y Chamuco, her 1990s editorial strip, has an hallucinogenic, Skip Williamson–like underground comix intensity. Her jagged, spiky...

"We Hate Everything": A Visual History of Punk

“A Punk Etymology,” slipped into the back of Punk: An Aesthetic, informs readers that Shakespeare used the word in Measure for Measure—“My lord, she may be a punk, for many of them are neither maid, widow, nor wife.” That was in 1623; the Bard also penned it into The Merry Wives of Windsor more...

Bare Bodies, Mud Baths, and Beyond: Wet in Retrospect

In the late 1970s, bohemian hipsters on L.A.’s west side were getting Wet. Despite its small circulation, it became highly influential among local artists, designers, and architects. And now, “Making Wet: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing,” provides a sampling of its spirit. Leonard Koren admits in his book that when he launched Wet in...

Anarchy in L.A.: The Sex Pistols' Designer, Reloaded

Never mind the Shepard Fairey criminal contempt conviction, here’s Jamie Reid. The designer who branded the Sex Pistols so indelibly by ripping across Her Majesty’s face now has his first solo West Coast exhibition at  Shepard’s Subliminal Projects Gallery. Shepard was still living in San Diego when we first met in 1999 in Silver...