R.O. Blechman

Divine Intervention

Steven Heller talks with R.O. Blechman about the artist's latest book, "God: 48 Famous and Fascinating Minds Talk About God."

Ink Tank Fills an Archive

Steven Heller talks with Douglas Dowd about R.O. Blechman’s Ink Tank archive, coming to the Dowd Modern Graphic History Library at Washington University.

Picturing Famous Comics Artists and Animators, at Ease

Explore portraits and interviews of cartoonists, comics artists, animators and more, all from Michael Dooley and photographer Greg Preston, who is currently seeking to fund a new volume of his book, The Artist Within.

Nervous Line, Confident Concepts

R.O. Blechman's life's work in on view at “The Masters Series: R.O Blechman” at SVA's Chelsea Gallery, the first major retrospective representing illustrations and editorial cartoons, animations and graphic novels. The exhibition, which is open from October 2 through November 2 at 601 West 26th Street, New York City. This is...