If You Like Our Troops, You Can Keep Them

Ted Rall’s “Censored” Obama Cartoon and Other Controversies

Are editorial decisions really censorship? When I discussed the issue with Ted Rall, America’s most widely read alternative editorial cartoonist, he was unequivocal: “To edit is to censor. It’s true. Look it up in the dictionary.” And thus, his latest blog …


When Green Equaled Racist

Ruth Benedict and her colleague collaborated with the legendary animation studio UPA, famous for its Gerald McBoing Boing and Mr. Magoo cartoons, which had done a brilliant cartoon titled The Brotherhood of Man.

Today's Obsession: Racial Scapegoating

Interesting: two separate conservative senatorial candidates, Sharron Angle and David Vitter are using the same stock photo of three latino guys—one looking quite annoyed—to represent “illegal aliens,” and as such, shining an unwanted kleig light on them, making them the …