Regional Design Annual


A Peek Inside the 2014 RDA

Print's Regional Design Annual—the most popular issue of the year, bringing you a comprehensive survey of graphic design in the U.S—is finally here.


32 Award-Winning Ad Designs

As we look ahead to our Legends in Advertising Awards—the early bird deadline of which is today—we take a look back at the best ad designs from the last three years of the Regional Design Annual.


7 Stunning Interactive Design Projects from the RDA

The Print Regional Design Annual is the most comprehensive graphic design competition in the United States, and it’s the only competition that organizes work by geography. The competition recognizes projects of all kinds, from packaging designs to 3D projects to interactive design and self-promotion projects. Winners are chose by judges who are preeminent leaders...


The RDA is Here

More than 300 exceptional design projects from six regions are selected by esteemed judges and showcased in Print's Regional Design annual. The time is now to be considered for the 2014 RDA.

Print December 2013 Regional Design Annual

Print’s 2013 Regional Design Annual

The 2013 Regional Design Annual has arrived! This 33rd Regional Design Annual showcases the very best work of 2013 from all corners of the United States from self-promotion, ad campaigns, book covers and much more. This year’s competition was awe inspiring and left quite an impression on the judges!! PURCHASE COPY or PURCHASE PDF...

Debbie Millman to Design 2013 RDA Cover

We’re beyond thrilled that Debbie Millman has agreed to design the cover for the RDA this year! Print Magazine ( is pleased to announce that Debbie Millman ( @debbiemillman) will be designing the cover of its Regional Design Annual issue which is scheduled to be released in November of this year. The Regional Design Annual,...

Behind the Awards: RDA, 1982 and the Truth

I recently found one of Print’s first Regional Design Annuals from 1982 online and snatched it up.  You might think you remember the early 1980s, but nothing quite characterizes an era as much as its advertising. More importantly, I was curious as to what ads so captured the passion of our judges at that...

How to Win a Design Competition

Successful creative firms make design awards a part of their overall marketing mix. Whether your work gets published in a Communication Arts, Print or HOW design annual, or in a book about graphic design, these opportunities let you showcase your best design projects, build your firm’s reputation and give you a reason to toot...