Beyond the Graphic Novel: A Comically Surreal Comic Collage

Here Comes Kitty is the work of multidisciplinary artist Richard Kraft, a Jess for our age. Kraft has craftily transformed a 1960s Polish espionage comic into a mad, post-mod melange of Western religion and Eastern mysticism, Nazi spies and domesticated animals, the disturbingly chaotic and the playfully erotic.

Chwast’s Quote: The Illustrated Words of Jimi Hendrix

A notable quote from Jimi Hendrix, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 120 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column. For more Seymour Chwast, check out The Last Word, his illustrated column in Print magazine, available from

The Anti-Social Network

When in 1966 John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ, he sparked a firestorm of acrimony that spread throughout the southern U.S. with all the hoopla of a second coming. Boycotts were kindled. Records were burned. Anti-Beatles invective was heard from pulpits and radios.  You’d have thought Lennon was Pontius Pilot,...