Rick Poynor

09/18/2014: Godard movie posters

Earlier this week, regular Print contributor Rick Poynor highlighted (in Design Observer) an exhibit at London’s Kemistry Gallery of Hans Hillmann’s movie posters. While the German designer might be relatively unknown, his influence is very evident, and Poynor puts an emphasis on his collaboration with director Jean-Luc Godard.The collaboration starts in the mid-60s and...

Observer: The Well-Read Designer

Deciding which books will fuel your artistic fire is tough. And creating a must-read list for the Designers & Books website is no easy feat either. Read this Observer column to find out how Rick Poynor went about creating his.

Oh, Behave: The Observer Column

Rick Poynor on sexual representation and "Secret Behavior" magazine, created by collage artist James Gallagher. Originally published in the Observer column of the February 2014 issue of Print Magazine.

Designers & Books Founder on the Best Book Lists

In this interview with Designer & Books founder and editor-in-chief, Steve Kroeter, he expands upon Rick Poynor's "Observer" column in the April issue of Print. Kroeter explains the origins of the site, managing designer's book lists and some designers and lists that have made an impression.

Image of the Day, 09/18/2013: Modern poster design

Print contributor Rick Poynor offers a comprehensive guide to modern poster design that includes a look at the work of French design team Helmo’s work with Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne and the new approach the team took with the art center’s exhibit posters in 2012 (as shown below). Read the entire guide here. Via Creative...