Robert Grossman

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bathroom humor has long been a mainstay of American politics, and the latest in this tradition is a limited-edition doggie poop bag with a handsome portrait of the Donald by Robert Grossman.

Paul Krassner on Obama, Orgies, and the Art of Offensive Cartoons

There’s something oddly funny about Paul Krassner. And it’s been going on for more than 50 years. He palled around with Lenny Bruce, the pioneering 1950s “sick” comic, and even edited Bruce’s autobiography, How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. He was instrumental in founding the Yippies!, those radical “Groucho Marxists” who fought the establishment...

The Continuing Adventures of O-Man

A Daily Heller regular, Robert Grossman’s O-Man comic, has been noticeably absent for the past few months. I guess the campaign pressures took its toll. But here as a projection is a post-election reflection for your detection.

O-Man: Rhyme or Reason by Robert Grossman

It has been too long since the last O Man installment by Robert Grossman. The time is right for a little incisive satire on the election—if you haven’t noticed, we are already just 35 days from November 6. The first of the presidential debates takes place this Wednesday evening. So in honor of campaign...

OMan's Challengers

As a regular graphic contributor to The Daily Heller, Robert Grossman turns caution to the wind – and a good thing too. We need his insight and satire to get through the hot air. As the campaign season inches along during this primary season, it is time to take stock of the Republican hopefuls...

Robert Grossman's O-Man

From time to time, Robert Grossman (Bob to his friends) blesses us with his O-Man saga, and OH MAN this one is good. Join O-Man and his animal friends, as they fight and cause injustice, inequity and indigestion.

Filbert's Nightmare Ride

The Daily Heller proudly publishes occasional comics by Robert Grossman. Here is the recent installment, “Filbert’s Nightmare Ride.” For more cartoons in the “O-Man” series go here to O-Manland. And view the last installment, “Filbert Strikes Back,” below and here.  (And click on the image for a larger view.)

Osama Been Rejected

A call. An idea. A blog post. That’s how it works at The Daily Heller. So when Rick Meyerowitz called (waking me from a deep sleep) to assertively suggest: “Why not have some illustrators show their Osama sketches and rejects, there have to be a bunch . . .” . . . we jumped...