Weekend Heller: Ciao Roma

All the transcendent riches of Rome + the leading experts on Roman typography & graphic design are yours at the Rome Summer Typography and Design Workshop.

Roma Ieri ed Oggi (Yesterday and Today)

I’ve walked by this museum building in Rome, between Campo Fiore and Piazza Navona, a hundred times but only the other day did I realize it was the site of the mammoth “Si Si Si” billboard, showing Mussolini with a “Klingon” head. It was a former Fascist party headquarters. There is something decidedly eerie...

Old Symbols for Italy's New Ultra-Right Party

Forza Nuova (New Force) is the latest fascist wannabe on Italy’s right wing. And although relatively new to the scene, its poster (below) borrows vintage imagery from a certain long-defeated German nationalist party. The FN’s logo, while looking a little Barbara Kruger, uses that same German nationalist party’s favorite colors. Forza Nuova belongs to...

The Workshop of Typographic Memories

Although I associate it with writers, once among the world’s most brilliant, who drank themselves into self-parody and premature death, Via Margutta is my favorite street in Rome. Whenever I’m lucky enough to visit, I make a point of looking up at the balcony of Number 30, where—if what Truman Capote wrote in his...