Saul Bass


When Saul Bass Met Hitchcock

Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho are three back-to-back films from Alfred Hitchcock's late golden period—and three films that legendary designer Saul Bass also left his stylistic mark on.


Spike Lee’s Other Poster Design Bamboozle: Saul Bass

  A poster for Spike Lee’s latest movie may be a ripoff. But it’s not the first time he’s faced accusations of unlawful design “appropriation.” Eighteen years ago, Saul Bass himself was pointing the finger. First, the latest incident. It began when an ad agency hired L.A.-based freelancer Juan Luis Garcia, whose poster design...


Coming Soon: Movie Posters for Those Films Inside Our Heads

Attention dedicated film buffs: have you seen Saul Bass’s other sci-fi feature, Rendezvous with Rama? How about Luis Bunuel’s supernatural Las Fotografias? Or that low-budget thriller by Alfred Hitchcock’s nephew, Oh Shit, Bees!? Of course you haven’t. They only exist in print form, as part of “Coming Soon,” an L.A. exhibition of designs for...


Image of the Day, 08/22/13: Hitchcock infographics

Guardian designers Adam Frost and Zhenia Vasiliev created these Saul Bass-inspired infographics that cover the motifs and obsessions of Alfred Hitchcock. Included are a round-up of how characters are killed, the role of mothers and a battle between Hitchcock’s favorite leads, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Check out the full graphic here (and beware...

Learn Logo Design From a Master

“Most advertising creative directors produce ads . . . that are only half-credible and that lose 90 percent of viewers within the first few seconds.” That is one of a number of provocative statements made by Bill Haig in a wide-ranging interview with Steven Heller posted on Imprint last June. As Heller pointed out...

An Ad with a Story to Tell

Saul Bass was a master visual storyteller and an inveterate wit, as Jenifer Bass and Pat Kirkham’s wonderful professional biography illuminates. His film titles alone are enough to land him in the proverbial pantheon of design innovators. But Bass was also a master adman. These recently surfaced spot ads for the film Pearl of the South Pacific...