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Uncovering Hollywood History: The Collection

What DJ Ginsberg & Marilyn Wagner found in a back room at Franx Antiques & Art in Omaha, Nebraska was like no other find. Boxes and boxes of Hollywood relics covered in dust that would change their lives forever and lead to the creation of The Collection, a hollywood history documentary.

Ray Bradbury: 1950s Comics Illustrated Man

In 1951, EC Comics started stealing Ray Bradbury’s work. After three swipes, Bradbury sent a letter to editor Bill Gaines. Not a cease-and-desist order, though. Instead, he wrote, “Just a note to remind you of an oversight. You have not as yet sent on the check for $50.00 to cover the use of secondary...

Resurrected: A Multifaceted Icon of Comic Book Art

I originally came to know Wally Wood for his comical comics, mainly his acclaimed work for Mad back in its 1950s, pre-magazine incarnation. But his personal life was a drama verging on tragedy and culminating with his suicide in 1981. Only now, three decades later, is his story heading toward a happy ending, with...