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Wanderite: Eco Design at its Best

Lorrin Webb reveals what's made her eco-friendly, sweatshop-free screen-printing wearable design business so successful—and fulfilling to run.

Mike Perry Pulls It All Together

It must be fun to be Mike Perry. You think of a book idea, Princeton Architectural Press says sure, they’ll publish it, and then all of your friends, who just happen to be the best, most famous designers in the world, want to contribute. So it is with his newest project, a book on...

Today's Obsession: Real-World Screenprinting Advice

This is a wildly helpful thread at Ask Metafilter, (or “AskMe” to its members) for screenprinters. A member has asked for tips to give screenprinting-related gifts to a recent adoptee of the craft. His request is met with some extremely valuable information about screenprinting best practices and vendors from seasoned hobbyists and business owners....

Making Things

A few of my grad school cohorts and I try to get together every week (or every two weeks, or whenever our schedules allow) to do some kind of “making.” This summer we’re all taking turns teaching each other how to do things. We have a screenprint day planned, a laser-cut jewelry day planned,...