05/26/2014: Krampus defence kit

The Regional Design Annual is your chance to represent the design scene in your region. Plus, all winners will appear in our highly searched index of winners. Enter today. Out of the Midwest Region comes RDA winner Swink, whose Krampus defence kit self-promotion for both themselves and Theory Three shows off their packaging skills and...


Image of the Day, 10/30/13: Promo photography book

A detail from a promotional book for a husband and wife photography team. The interior represents their portfolio well and contains nice touches like foil stamping on the pull cards (as highlighted in this photo). More images from the project here. Via FPO.

Selling Design in 1942

Chicago was (and still is) a hot graphic design town. Back in 1942—and for many years before and after—27 designers, typographers, and illustrators were gathered together in a spiral-bound book to sell their wares. The platforms may have changed somewhat in 72 years, but the methods of self-promotion and selling design are still the...

Who Did That?

“Anon”, short for anonymous, is as common in art history as “Smith” is in American telephone directories. Yet for a specific work to have its maker buried in an unmarked grave in history’s Potters Field is a sad epitaph indeed. Credit implies ownership and accountability. Around the eighteenth century art became more commonly a...