sheet music


I Hear a Melody

Design is like music, it can be sharp or flat. Design that sells music can be harmonious or shrill. These sheet music books provide the examples. The accordion book from Germany is a elegantly rendered almost idyllic portrait of the instrument and its player.


When We Were Pals

With all the noise, I mean news, that Russia and the United States — Presidents Putin and Obama — are finding it hard to get along, it might be sobering to recall our tenuous alliance with the Soviets against the Nazis. Without the millions of Soviet troops killed defending the U.S.S.R. against German aggression,...

Song Sheets à la Paris

First there was sheet music, then countertop displays, then record album covers, then record sleeves, then cassette slip-ins, then CD boxes, then little logos, now we’re back to sheet music appreciation. Here are two of the racy variety from belle Paris. . MyDesignShop’s big fall sale ends Sunday. Take up to 80 percent off...

Die Deutsche Sheet Musik

Sheet music from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries was, shall we say, the record cover art of its day. Before 78 rpm records were bound into albums with illustrated covers, sheet music was the primary platform for home entertainment. And early on, music publishers understood the virtue in adorning the “first...