Ghosts of Signage Past

"Ghostletters Vienna" stands as a visual monument to these palimpsests of an urban microcosm that once was.

More Sign Language

Steven Heller examines George Steere's 1905 price list of sign letters.

Sign Language

These simple silk-screened signs from the late 1930s or early 1940s say a lot about the English language and American mores of the times. In just a few words one can guess what kind of establishment (cafe/bar) it was and even speculate as to the clientele. And questions are asked to: Why are ladies...

On the Roadside Sign Again

I’ve been slightly obsessed with portable roadside signage since I first encountered a stretch of white boxes with flashing red arrows along Route 28 in upstate New York. I’d certainly seen that form of advertising before, but didn’t realize how ubiquitous it was throughout rural America (or admittedly, what little I know of rural...