Old-Fashioned Sketching

Today we all use cell phones to do exactly what our grand- and great grandparents did back in the day with sketchbooks.

Sketchbook Trekking: An Interview With Steven Reddy

Illustrator Steven Reddy is a man of many hats – most notably being a second grade teacher and an illustrator. Steven’s work captures the beauty in the every day – turning the mundane of crowded boutiques stuffed with kitschy articles into works of art that make you stop and look – turning ghost towns and...

A Glimpse At Life A Century Ago Through The Sketchbook Of W.G. Read

One of the pitfalls of amassing an eclectic collection of “stuff” is that it’s often difficult to remember where and under what circumstances you acquired something. That’s the case with this sketchbook of W.G. Read’s. I came across it at least 30 years ago after having moved to Brooklyn from Madison, Wisconsin – that...