Society Of Illustrators


Arthur Szyk, Laureate

Irvin Ungar discusses Arthur Szyk, a legendary cartoonist and caricaturist who will finally be getting the spotlight he deserves.


Embedded Artists

War time ("witness") artists Michael D. Fay, Victor Juhasz, and Steve Mumford, who will be presenting at an event at the Society of Illustrators, discuss their work and the differences between art and photojournalism.

Antonio Petruccelli's Little-Known Genius

Antonio Petruccelli published 28 covers, interiors, and infographics for Fortune between 1933 and 1945. He was a precisionist with a keen sense of wit and whimsy. His work is known to a few today, but otherwise forgotten. That’s why, if you are in New York, you should make your way to the Society of...

R. Crumb's Sketchbooks

Robert “R.” Crumb is one of my favorite artists. Underground cartoonist, designer, illustrator, “drawer”—they all seem like inadequate titles when attached to his body of work. There was a show recently at the Society of Illustrators in New York City that solidly put a piece of punctuation on all the admiration I have for...

Illustrator and Entrepreneur Scott Gandell on the Tools of His Trades

Scott Gandell is an illustrator and printmaker. He also co-owns and operates the South Pasadena Mercantile Co., which is packed with an eclectic assortment of home furnishings, folk art, books, original paintings, and other merchandise. I first met him when I was interviewing attendees at 2010’s ICON Conference in Pasadena for an Imprint story. He...

A Report on Comic-Con… and Covert CIA Actions

Last week’s Comic-Con at San Diego’s Convention Center was overloaded with activities. If you were a Hollywood celeb–obsessed fan you may have spent much, if not most, of your time stuck in lines. But if you were a lover of well-designed graphic narratives, you needn’t have wasted one idle moment during the five full...