Speedball: Rolling in Neutral

Letterers go gaga over Speedball ephemera. Speedball textbooks went through many stylistic iterations over the years, but remained — more or less — the same. See for yourself.


Its All In The Nib

Drawing letters by hand — at least in the old days — required having the right tools, and that means nibs (pen points of differing shapes).

The Vintage Speedball Textbook

I once found a set of Speedball pen nibs as a kid. I was familiar with conventional pen and ink usage, but had never seen nibs like this before. It wasn’t until taking a calligraphy course in college (with Professor …

Speedball, Italian-Style

Last January I published a Daily Heller on the joys of writing with Speedball Triple Reservoir Pens. Now for the Italian version. The pages here are from a 1929 textbook devoted to the Milan based Heintze & Blanckertz’s Redis-Tinter pen, …