Star Wars

Uncovering Hollywood History: The Collection

What DJ Ginsberg & Marilyn Wagner found in a back room at Franx Antiques & Art in Omaha, Nebraska was like no other find. Boxes and boxes of Hollywood relics covered in dust that would change their lives forever and lead to the creation of The Collection, a hollywood history documentary.

Paul Krassner on Obama, Orgies, and the Art of Offensive Cartoons

There’s something oddly funny about Paul Krassner. And it’s been going on for more than 50 years. He palled around with Lenny Bruce, the pioneering 1950s “sick” comic, and even edited Bruce’s autobiography, How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. He was instrumental in founding the Yippies!, those radical “Groucho Marxists” who fought the establishment...

My Vicarious George Lucas Thrill

Question: Other than the director George Lucas, what do the films American Graffiti and Star Wars have in common. Answer: A very little-known serendipitous event. When I was 22 years old (and the freelance art director of, among other things, Grove Press), I saw Lucas’s American Graffiti for the first time when it opened...