04/25/2014: Animal voice memos

This is an entertaining project with each part carefully considered – and you can’t really go wrong with cute animals. Animal Voice Memos are a collaboration between Tokyo-based illustrator Ko. Machiyama and Paperable and the end result is clever, high-end and beautifully-crafted memo pad.  Via Creative Boom.

Design Without Design

One of the most fascinating aspects about building a design history (especially graphic design history) is finding and tracing an artifact from the past to present. So many large and small companies and firms that practiced in some way or another design, typography and printing no longer exist, while others have surprisingly bridged generations...

Angry Monkeys and Mechanical Fish Mouths

My friends Mike Abelson and his wife Yuri live and work in Japan. I recently received a package from them celebrating their latest project, the mechanical structures of fish mouths. (Mike built a three-dimensional fish head and wore it at a recent lecture to give a better understanding of how a 4 bar or...