Steven Heller

Say Bye Bye

Is it possible to survive a thermonuclear attack? You bet it is (or was) says the U.S. Department of Defense. Just dig a hole, construct some vents, fill it with canned beans, put your head between your legs and . . . . The rest, as they say, was a blast! Thanks to all...

Kafka Bound

The illustrated works of Kafka as created by artist Peter Kruper are the next wave of historical literature given a graphic novel treatment.

Tribal Design Mardi Gras Style

In 1993 illustrator/designer Mark Andresen was commissioned to do a group portrait of 17 of New Orleans legendary Mardi Gras Indian chiefs. The purpose was to make lithograph posters to sell with proceeds being split among the artist and participants.

Stephen Alcorn’s Face Time

Steven Alcorn and his dedication to drawing through his work on "Reflections on the Revelatory and Unifying Power of Interactive Portraiture in the Classroom," a unique program at Virginia Commonwealth University where each of his students are subject to his gaze and rendering.

Bascove’s Bridges To Everywhere

The artist Bascove says New York City has more than 2000 bridges connecting and integrating its various neighborhoods and environs. In their day, these engineering marvels represented the inventiveness and boldness of a young country to the rest of the world.

Robbie Conal Never Gives Up

When it comes to papering the town with political invective, Robbie Conal, America’s veteran street artist, never gives up or gives in. He’s always in the thick of the culture wars – and this one is a biggie. I’ve written about him often but his current double sided poster captures his prey better than...