Steven Heller


Opening a Useless Store

Steven Heller talks with Adrian Wilson about The Inutilious Retailer — a new store that sells nothing.


Bawdy, Bald and Beautiful

In 1977, decades before my own head became barren, I was invited to an unveiling of Yossarian's The Razor's Edge—the journal for women with shaved heads.


When Adverts Were Earnest

In the early 1920s American products were either nondescript or laden with ornament to camouflage a mass-market look. Although mass production was the foundation on which the modern American economy was built, many cultural critics felt that items coming off the assembly line lacked good taste. American industrialists, who could easily afford to aesthetically...


David McLimans’ Wild Art

Caldecott-winning illustrator David McLimans passed away last year. Steven Heller talks with Patrick JB Flynn about a new exhibition of McLimans' work.


What Paper! What Ink!

Steven Heller interviews the co-founders of the beautiful Collective Quarterly—and asks why, now, they chose to invest in such an ambitious print magazine.


Happiness is Times New Roman

There is a tradition among publishers to celebrate their typefaces through notices and other means. Crowell-Collier went the extra mile for Times New Roman.


Ludwig Hohlwein’s Archetype

Mein Auto, published in 1927, is devoted to the German passion for auto racing. It is no coincidence that Hohlwein's imagery echoes the Nazi aesthetic.