Fifth Avenue Surrealism

In 1941, as the world was unraveling with war on every continent, the Fifth Avenue Playhouse presented the first New York Surrealist and Fantastic Film Festival.

Beyond the Graphic Novel: A Comically Surreal Comic Collage

Here Comes Kitty is the work of multidisciplinary artist Richard Kraft, a Jess for our age. Kraft has craftily transformed a 1960s Polish espionage comic into a mad, post-mod melange of Western religion and Eastern mysticism, Nazi spies and domesticated animals, the disturbingly chaotic and the playfully erotic.

Surrealism as Marketing Tool

Salvador Dali was called by the anagram Avida Dollars by his detractors. At least those who thought he sold himself and his art out to the highest bidder. I experienced his penchant for greenbacks when, as art director for Screw, I invited Dali to design an entire issue – whatever he wanted to do...