What’s Old Is New Again

The SVA MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur first year students taking the 3D imaginings class taught by Kevin O’Callaghan have been planning a retrofit festival of household wares.


Weekend Heller: Trolling the Info for Bleu Migration

For a wonderful website experience visit Frances Jetter here. And for a moving gallery experience visit Jetter’s New York exhibition at VanDeb Editions here or in person. Her “Works on Paper” opens on October 10 through November 9. Below is Jetter’s Troll (linocut). Now you don’t have to imagine a troll at your table. It’s that time again for those looking into grad schools to attend open houses and info sessions. This is the one that I do with Lita Talarico. Join us in person or online here.


Run It Up the Totem Pole and See Who Salutes

Have you ever thought about the totem pole as environmental signage before the age of the advertising towers? View these conceptual totem pole designs featured in SVA’s “Tall Tales” exhibit, through May 25.

A Magazine for Day Jobbers

“Day Job is a publication for anyone who has ever had a job they’ve loved, a job they’ve hated, a life-long calling, or a way to make an easy buck,” says the magazine’s publisher and editor, Elliott Walker. Day Job—which was …

A New Batch of Design Entrepreneurs

This season’s gaggle of Design Entrepreneurs will make their premiere pitches at the SVA MFA Designer / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur Thesis Forum 2012, called “Designer as ________”. The event showcases the numerous roles designers play today, especially self-motivated …

Types of Rome

Typographically speaking, all roads lead to Rome. For the average typophile no greater mecca exists. “From Trajan Column inscriptions to lettered trattoria signs, around every corner in Rome is a feast of typographic riches.” – Louise Fili Each year, I …