Mad Obsessories On Mad Ave

The morning I ran into Kevin O'Callaghan, he was presenting another of his high energy Madison Avenue public art outdoor exhibitions to Marie Claire to coincide with the magazine’s blockbuster October 2018 issue, this one titled “SVA’s “Obsessorize: Common Objects Uncommon Accessories”.

Weekend Heller: Rome is Hot for Type

Join Louise Fili, Steven Heller and Lita Talarico for the SVA Masters Workshop Design Rome, a typography and design workshop. This is its tenth year in the Eternal City where type new and old, classic and modern reign supreme.

Weekend Heller: Occupy Madison Ave.

Kevin O’Callaghan, master artist, craftsman and teacher of 3D illustrative spectaculars, presents “One-of-a-Kind Luxury on Madison Avenue” (Oct. 20 through Nov. 15). The environmental design show celebrates the unique products and services found on the Avenue’s stores that makes it a shopping destination unlike any other retail experience in the world. Students from the...