The Nicer Swastika

The Swastika is a vexing symbol. Even I'm conflicted. It represents utter terror and criminality, while it's also a symbol of luck, fortune and fertility. Go anywhere in the world, and it will be seen in all its guises.

Devolution of a Symbol: The Swastika Through the Years

Of all the symbols and marks produced by ancient and modern peoples throughout the centuries, the swastika is the most contradictory. For thousands of years it was a thing of mystery that surfaced as disparate cultural iconography throughout the Near and Far East, Europe, North America, and Africa, and was presumed by some scholars...

ManWoman of the Gentle Swastika

The artist who called himself ManWoman, with whom I once had a friendly disagreement about the future of the swastika, has died at 74 from cancer, The Globe and Mail’s Tom Hawthorn reported today. ManWoman spent the better part of his life devoted to the restoration of the ancient symbol of good fortune, criminalized by...