Image of the Day, 10/01/13: Nine Muses tattoos

Andrew Kolb created these awesome illustrations featuring Greek gods receiving the full-body tattoo treatment (pictured below is Poseidon) from the Nine Muses tattoo shop. The series is included in the Hero Complex Gallery’s “Young Guns of Print” show. Check out the other illustrations in the series here. Via Design Work Life.

Today's Obsession: The First Animated Tattoo

I have always been confused about QR codes and wtf they’re even for. Don’t we already have bar codes, which are about the same thing? Well, yeah, sorta, but no. The advantages to QR codes over bar codes are aplenty: they hold a ton of information, and you can now create customized versions of...

Today's Obsession: Tomas Tomas

Today, we’re looking at a gallery of tattooed pattern, mostly blackwork, from artist Tomas Tomas. Here’s one more gallery, and a link to his studio. His work synthesizes a link between Op Art and Maori patterns, modern and ancient illustrative motif. By doing so, he forges a link between ourselves and our ancestors, one...