The Fine Art of Tattooing

Illustrators and fine artists test their crafts on a different kind of medium—skin. These artists are working in top shops and applying their skills to tattoo artistry.

It Must Have Hurt, No?

If the market for print editorial illustrations is really in decline as the doomsayers say, there is an alternative venue rising to the surface—on the human body.  Viktor Koen is part of a new trend of illustrators (I know one other) whose editorial art has been been indelibly inscribed on the skin. Ruud Hortensius,...

Marked Men

Damon Murray of FUEL Design and Publishing, just wrote to tell me that “The Russian Criminal Tattoo Exhibition,” 120 original ink drawings by Danzig Baldaev and 16 photographic prints by Sergei Vasiliev, will soon be on view. Over the last six years FUEL, has produced and published the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volumes I,...