The Multimedia Comics Artist Behind Netflix’s Daredevil

If you’ve been captivated by the bold, atmospheric cinematography of Daredevil‘s first season on Netflix, you might want to seek out the similarly stunning comic book version by Alex Maleev. Series executive producer Jeph Loeb credits Maleev as a key visual influence: “With Alex’s art, we looked at that and said ‘that’s the look...


Chwast’s Quote: Words of Wisdom from Gore Vidal

A notable quote from Gore Vidal, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 102 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column. For more Seymour Chwast, check out The Last Word, his illustrated column in Print magazine, available from


What Is This New Fangled Tee Vee?

Many people made something having to do with TV. Arguably the Nazis were the first to introduce television programs. Oy. (You can see their earliest shows in the documentary here.) Yet in 1884 (that’s right) Paul Nipkow, a German engineer developed a rotating-disc technology to transmit pictures over wire. He discovered television’s scanning principle,...


Mad Men’s Peggy and the Truth About Cigarette Branding

Mad Men is hooked on cigarettes. And it just can’t stop. In the first scene of 2007’s pilot–set in 1960 and titled “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”–Don Draper talks with a waiter about Old Gold vs. Luckies. He shortly learns that they’re all poisonous. The theme continues, wafting through Don’s controversial “Why I’m quitting...

Winky Dink and Me

Winky Dink And You was the first interactive TV show aired on CBS from 1953 to 1957, on Saturday mornings. Hosted by Jack Barry, a popular game show host, it featured the exploits of a character named Winky Dink (voiced by Mae Questel, the voice of Betty Boop) and his dog Woofer. Winky Dink,...

Arnold Stang, What a Chunk

Arnold Stang, a character actor whose bespectacled, owlish face and nasal urban twang gave him a singular and recognizable persona, whether on radio or television, in the movies or in advertisements, or even in cartoons. Stang appeared alongside comedian Milton Berle on radio and TV and with Frank Sinatra in the film Man with...