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Tomi Ungerer, Provacateur

Steven Heller reveals what he learned while interviewing legendary illustrator, writer and social advocate Tomi Ungerer.


Henrik Drescher’s Migratory Books

Explore Henrik Drescher's newest book, China Days: A Visual Journal From China's Wild West (Chronicle Books), which chronicles his almost two decades of discovery living with this wife, Wu Wing Yee in China.


Early Chwast

It is always fun to look at the early work of great artists and designers. Here is Seymour Chwast from 1961 when he worked in linocut.


Get Your Irish Up

The Catholic Truth Society of Ireland was founded in 1899, its mission to expunge the "scourge of foreign influence, in the form of British and American books, films, magazines and newspapers," wrote Naill McCormack, editor of Vintage Values: Classic Pamphlet Cover Design From Twentieth-Century Ireland and author of Vintage Irish Book Covers blog. I...

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Music Visualization 1.0

Before the deluge in Germany, in 1931, the composer Heribert and illustrator Johannes Grüger published "The Sing Song Picture Book," in which characters and images represent notes. Presaging the digital age rage for icons and glyphs, the pair realized that children respond to animated pictures

There's More to London Than the Olympics

If you happen to be visiting London at any time after the Olympics, you may want to visit The Outsiders, a gallery of insider/outsider contemporary art. It features a stellar group of artists including Banksy, Blu, Gary Taxali, Lucy McLauchlan, Morley, Paul Insect, Ron English, and Zevs, among others. The Outsiders was founded in...

To Stream or Not to Stream on June 27

I am fascinated by the objects of design that impact us every day in one way or another, and I have devoted the better part of my professional life to exploring, analyzing, documenting, and writing about the graphics that shape our lives or some part of them (see yesterday’s Nightly Daily Heller). Print magazine...

Smoke and Fire

During the psychedelic Sixties, Smoke (above) was the typeface of sex, drugs and rock and roll revived by Victor Moscoso for his vibrating posters. Other designers used smoke as inspiration. But where there’s smoke there’s fire. And fire has been the flame for many novel  typefaces. Here are some examples:

Ideopolis Ipadazine

The School of Visual Arts MFA Design (Designer as Author + Entrepreneur) class of 2011 contributed to an iPad magazine (developed by Ron Callahan), which is now available through iTunes. The magazine version of IDEOPOLIS, the title of this year’s thesis events, contains interactive narratives, analog stories and videos of each of the 20...

I Was a Seventeen Year Old Pornographer

Here is another installment (see others here and here and here and here) in my early life and times. All events are true, although my memory is fading fast. I was a pornographer at seventeen years old. That’s how a young assistant district attorney described me to a sleepy Manhattan night court judge as...