Timothy Goodman


Everyman Marker

Steven Heller and Timothy Goodman discuss Goodman's new book, "Sharpie Art Workshop."

My Tech Start-Up Idea

A couple months ago a magazine I contributed to asked me a series of questions. One question asked, “If you were to create your own tech start-up, what would it be?” Co-authored with my favorite branding guru, Brian Collins.

Posters as Lesson Plans: Timothy Goodman Teams Up with the Institute of Play

The Institute of Play is a New York City–based nonprofit that designs “experiences that make learning irresistible”—a mission that encompasses everything from digital game research to a pair of innovative public schools in New York and Chicago. Now the Institute is trying to amp up after-school learning through its Off the Wall Learning series. “The curriculum for after-school...

"What's In Your Garbage?"

For the Trash Issue, we asked 18 designers, “What’s in your garbage?” Sam Weber The photo is of my recycling bin, holding some reference photos and crumpled-up drawings. . Natasha Jen, Pentagram One 9-by-12–inch manila envelope; one padded manila envelope from a book-seller; two Starbucks grande-size cups; two crumpled yellow Post-its; one crumpled receipt;...

Paul Sahre, Graphic Designer, Video Director, Monster Truck Lover

John Flansburgh and John Linnell, the cofounders of They Might Be Giants, aren’t just known for brainy, unconventional indie rock. They also have a history of working with great graphic designers and artists—Helene Silverman, Barbara Glauber, Marcel Dzama, and Sam Potts. So when Flansburgh emailed Paul Sahre an invitation to work with the group on...