Peas Please

Meet The Blue Boy, the trade character for Blue Boy Peas, c. 1935.

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Pick’em and Stick’em

Explore the "vintage stickers" produced by Meyrcord Truck Decals, one of the industry's largest decal companies.

Max "Marking Mark" Körner

Max Körner (1883-1963) was a painter and German trademark designer. From 1913 to 1921 he was a teacher of visual design and crafts at the School of Applied Arts in Stuttgart. From 1921 he held a professorship at the State School of Applied Arts in Nuremberg and was director of the master class for...

Our Bodies, Our Products

I bet many of you don’t know what the Michelin Man, also known as the Bibendum, is made of. Take a wild guess! French cartoonist Marius Rossillon, also known as O’Galop, created the prototype for a Munich brewery (he was holding a glass of beer and quoting Horace’s phrase “Nunc est bibendum” — now’s...