Fail? No, Win!

Hey, weekend, how you doing? Been looking forward to this one ending. This is a silly thing called Going to the Store, by David Lewandowski. There’s not much reason you’d know his name, but you’ve seen his work—he created the animated titling for last year’s Tron:Disappointme—uh, I mean Legacy. He’s currently getting into comedy...

Inspired by Saul Bass

I saw these amazing posters by Hexagonall and thought of you, Saul. In a world of over-photoshopped imagery, these came as a breath of fresh air.

Today's Obsession: Kim Pimmel

Kim Pimmel is a User Experience Designer with Adobe, a lighting designer, a photographer, and a huuuuge nerd. My partner recently ran across one of his lighting experiments on Vimeo, playing with a combination of stop-motion photographs of lighting stitched into filmed footage, and mashed together with some of the soundtrack of Tron Legacy...