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Experiments in Hand-Lettering: A Creative Exploration

Hand-Lettering Experiments – Textures is the latest workshop from HOW Design University and Type Camp. As a fun, creative way to exercise creativity and typography, this workshop will inspire you in your latest type projects. Integrate textures and analog designs into your work today. This workshop is currently in session and is open until...


10 Remarkable Shadow Type & Lettering Designs

The creative and strategic application of shadows and three-dimensional features to type and lettering has been in practice for centuries. In the past, letters with relief and shadow have been used on signage, posters, packaging, movie titles and publications, allowing lettering to jump off a flat surface for an eye-catching look. Shadowed type still appears in...


Type Lessons: 1 Hour Typeface Experiment

Even seasoned designers can get into a rut. Professor, designer and author Denise Bosler shares how to challenge yourself today with a type lesson from her upcoming course.


Oded Ezer, Mad Typographic Scientist

The iconoclastic Israeli graphic designer, typographer and type designer Oded Ezer is in residence on the East Coast for two months, lecturing and teaching a class called “Type Follows Emotion, Personal Typographic Exploration” at Rhode Island School of Design. Perhaps best known for what he calls his “typographic design fiction projects,” including “Typosperma,” which...

The Handwriting Is on the Wall

“I love typography!” That’s the way Chavelli Tsui answers the question, “What brought you here? Tsui is a graphic designer born and raised in Hong Kong who recently received her BFA in communication design from Carnegie-Mellon University. With 28 cohorts from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Singapore,...

"From the Inside, From the Heart": Type Designer Nadine Chahine

By Catherine Dixon Nadine Chahine is an award winning type designer specialized in Arabic fonts. Since 2005 she has worked for Linotype combining design with sales and marketing, though as the company’s Arabic type design programme has gathered momentum, so her role has shifted toward a greater emphasis in font development. Born in Lebanon...