type directors club

TDC’s 1957 Stellar Lineup

Ask any designer (well, any designer that I have spoken to) and they agree that the TDC annuals are the best. They are also among the precious few still publishing printed books. But when TDC started giving out awards for Typographic Design Excellence in 1954 the documentation was a pamphlet. According to TDC Carol...

A Love Letter for You from Tony DiSpigna

Friend, fine artist, teacher, designer and hand-letterer par excellence, Tony DiSpigna’s work is enjoying a much-deserved renaissance with the publication of a beautiful new book and a line of T-shirts with his Spencerian lettering.

07/22/2014: Typography with mail

Type Directors Club awarded Niral Parekh’s “Type of Letters” project with best in show in its annual Communication Design competition. The project involved a customized mail sorter and using various envelopes, postcards and packages to create a number of typographic solutions, including the word “type,” the New York Times Magazine logo, the @ symbol...