Brody’s Bonn and Buffalo: The Bs Return

Neville Brody is coming to New York on June 14 to speak on “Type and Time” as part of the TDC at Parsons program. He will discuss type on a grand stage (he is on a roll with Coke's Unity type) but also the introduction of his latest two type families, Bonn and Buffalo....

4 Strategic Customized Fonts and Typefaces

When approaching the ideation process for brand identity and logo design, one of the most crucial considerations is the typeface selection. What will be of the best use — serif, sans serif, decorative or script? A typeface infuses your design with emotion and meaning, defining your brand’s identity in every medium, from packaging and editorial...

02/12/2014: Optical illusion typeface

Design student Martzi Hegedűs created this surprisingly functional typeface based on the famous Penrose triangle, an optical illusion akin to MC Escher’s “impossible objects.” Check out how the typeface came together here. Via Wired.