Good Typographic Design for the Web

Is it possible to achieve good typographic design on the web? Here, dive into the history of web typography - and how to make the most of tools today.

Today's Obsession: Martha on the iPad

If you’re paying attention to digital publishing for iOS, you know that Adobe’s recently released the Digital Publishing Suite in beta for InDesign. I spoke about this briefly last week. When I reviewed CS5 a million years ago, I was confused as to why inDesign seemed to have interactive capabilities (and remember, this was...

Today's Obsession: Web Type

Over the weekend, I grabbed a couple of beers with Jackson Cavanaugh and his better half, Evelyn Pollins, who’ve recently moved back to Chicago from Brooklyn, bringing Jackson’s Okay Type & Design with them. Of the many things we discussed, of particular interest was some light Jackson shed on a part of Font Bureau’s...

Today's Obsession: Typekit, now with more Adobe

Typekit has partnered with Adobe to allow you to use real Adobe typography in your website designs. The difference between this and Typekit partnering with its previous stellar collection of collaborators: it’s frigging Adobe. and everyone has a copy of AGaramond floating around somewhere. Serving Typekit is ridiculously easy. It’s a couple lines of...