Image of the Day: 10/17/2013: Typography posters

Budapest-based design Áron Jancsó has created a series of beautiful typography-based posters, that vary in focus from abstract letterforms that highlight a particular typeface to entertaining pop cultural references quoting movies and music. Check out a gallery of them here. …


Image of the Day, 10/09/2013: Typography and Tableware

House Industries lent some of its typography and style to this set of tableware from Hasami, Japan. After having already collaborated for the Hasami Morning Collection, Hasami’s Kyohei Baba worked with House to create the brand Monohara. Read more about …


Image of the Day, 10/02/2013: Alumni magazine redesign

José Reyes and his team at Metaleap Creative show the real potential of a typically restrictive design project with their major redesign of Georgia State University’s alumni magazine. Check out a sample interior here. Via SPD.


Image of the Day, 09/30/13: Oklahoma relief print

Proceeds for Tom Davie’s impressively detailed typographic print assist recovery efforts in Moore, Oklahoma. Davie, an AIGA member and Assistant Professor of Visual Communication at the University of Oklahoma, was moved to help after seeing first-hand the destruction to the …


Image of the Day, 09/12/13: Type design book

A spread from Unit Editions’ latest book, Type Only. The book showcases a number of excellent designs using typography unaccompanied by illustration or photography. Its sharp design is by UK-based design group Spin. Via Grain Edit.


Image of the Day, 09/06/13: Italian magazine design

Strong use of black, red and white design by Davide Di Gennaro for Link Magazine, an ongoing Italian editorial project, the latest focuses on the seven deadly sins. Check out more pictures here. Via Fonts In Use.


Image of the Day, 08/14/2013: Football typography posters

Nick Blakeman, Alex Brown and Craig Oldham curated Glory Glory, an exhibition of typographic posters based on football chants (or soccer chants – depending on whether or not you need to clarify in your country). 60 European studios contributed to …


Image of the Day, 8/13/2013: Album Cover Design

Jeff Kleinsmith, art director at Sub Pop, has kept the standards for design at the label high. This artwork, created by Sara Cwynar, for Washed Out’s Paracosm is the latest to evoke the mood of the music with design. Via …


Image of the Day, August 7, 2013

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing like checking out a gallery of vintage picnic supply packaging. Included is the bright color palette of this design for a 1960s set of Holiday party tumblers (complete with holder!) from Australian company …