Explore Web Typography with Patrick McNeil

The ability to overcome the limitations of web safe fonts was once a dream for many web designers and marketing professionals. Now, the idea of “safe” web fonts is no longer an issue for designers, and web typography is richer …


03/24/14: Branding book cover

Created by Boon Design, this clean, retro-style workbook by A Hundred Monkey’s Eli Altman is perfect in both style and function. Tonally, it also hits the mark (Don’t Call It That is also a pretty hilarious name for a brand …


03/13/2014: Pufff typeface

Pufff, as indicated by its name, is a very full-figured, blocky typeface designed by Rob Keller. For what seems mainly to be an artful display typeface, Pufff’s details include a large number punctuation variations and even a Greek alphabet variation. …


03/11/2014: Lettering artforms

A look at the recent work of Budapest, Hungary-based designer Áron Jancsó typographic work. Many take a nearly abstract approach but still have an excellent geometric shapes and forms. Check out more here. Via Looks Like Good Design.


03/04/2014: Juan Carlos Pagan portfolio

A contributor to one of our past New Visual Artist issues, Juan Carlos Pagan has made the move to Design Director at Deutsch New York. Check out some of his work here, particularly his strong illustrative typography. Via ADC Young …


02/14/2014: House Love Letters

House Industries takes love to its typographic extremes with a complete exhibit of Valentine’s-themed projects. Cleverly entitled “Love Letters” products range from framed hearts with the word love expressed in different languages to ornately designed cards and boxes of chocolate. …


02/04/2014: Amsterdam railway map

Because they present very specific information, maps can often be very unwieldy and aimless in their design. This is not the case for this Amsterdam railway map redesign, by zero per zero which manages to incorporate a tulip (one of …


01/31/2014: Typographic short film

The Taste Gap, Ira Glass’ advice about success in the creative field, was transformed into an short film by Daniel Sax. The film uses a number of inventive methods to make the words come to life and adds weight to …


01/29/2014: Typographic mural

During AIGA president Sara Frisk’s stint on Design Envy, she included a black and white type mural from last year’s Chicago Design Museum exhibition. Entitled “Picture,” the daunting, 14-foot long canvas of nearly abstract typography was created by design team …