Los Angeles Views "Graphic Design: Now in Production"

At a Hammer Museum panel last month, Willem Henri Lucas introduced himself, Gail Swanlund, and Brian Roettinger as three L.A.-based designers who were about to discuss a current exhibition of contemporary graphic design in which none of them were included. Asking the audience to keep that perspective in mind, Roettinger, SCI-Arc’s former design director,...

6:01 PST. Gidra vs. the American War Machine

Remember those radical underground rags of the late 1960s? The East Village Other. The Berkeley Barb. The L.A. Free Press. Gidra. Wait… Gidra? Wasn’t that a monster in those dumb Godzilla movies? Yes, but just because he tried to lay waste to Japan and the rest of civilization, Gidra wasn’t all bad. Which is...

Byrom's Typographic Tables

Environmental and three-dimensional typographer Andrew Byrom recently created the cover for the UCLA Extension catalog. This is the same publication so often designed by Paul Rand and other leading modernists. A short video chronicles the event. Take a look here.