Unit Editions

Octavo: Eight Historic Issues

Mark Holt and Hamish Muir conceived one of the most progressive type journals of the mid- to late 1980s: Octavo. Unit Editions has published a complete reprint of the issues as well as reproductions of the handmade mechanicals and proofs. Here, Heller talks with Holt and Muir about the magazine.

When Type Was Dry

Letraset: The DIY Typography Revolution, edited by Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook of Unit Editions, is the first comprehensive history of Letraset, the rubdown lettering system "that revolutionized typographic expression." Hellers talks with Shaughnessy about what was at the bottom and top of that revolution. 

FHK Henrion Remembered, Revisited, Regaled

My nominee for the best design monograph of 2013 is FHK Henrion: The Complete Designer (Unit Editions). I asked Adrian Shaughnessy of Unit Editions to explain more about the process of creating this significant volume and FHK Henrion who Shaughnessey explains is "the most important British (though German born) graphic designer ever."

Weekend Heller: Itching Design, Invasive Ads

Itching to Read About Graphic Design Looking for a good mid-Summer read? Something for the beach, perhaps. I highly recommend Scratching the Surface, a collection of essays and journalism by Adrian Shaughnessy, focusing mainly on graphic design, essays have from Design Observer,  Eye, Creative Review, Design Week and The Wire. Many others. The design is as...

Do You Know The Name Jurriaan Schrofer?

Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook are the publishers of Unit Editions, a progressive publishing house producing high-quality, affordable books on graphic design and visual culture. A recent book of splendid typography is Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-90): Restless Typographer. I had never heard his name or viewed his work before. I asked Shaughnessy how he became familiar...

A Garland for Garland (Ken)

Sometimes you can know a person but not really KNOW that person. I have known or known of the veteran British designer Ken Garland for ages. But not until now, with the publication of his stunning monograph, Ken Garland: Structure and Substance by Adrian Shaughnessy, through his publishing company, Unit Editions, did I truly...

Ten (or More) Things You Didn’t Know About Herb Lubalin

1. His name was pronounced Loo-ball-in, with the accent on the loo. 2. He was color-blind and ambidextrous. 3. Although he ultimately rejected advertising in favor of graphic design, as an agency art director at Sudler & Hennessey he was a key figure in advertising in the 1960s, introducing expressive typography into print advertising....

Polish Projekt, Good Stuff

In the 60s two foreign design magazines were passed around America as though they were underground or samizdat publications. One was Graphis from Switzerland, the other was Projekt from Poland. Let’s focus on the latter. It was a revelation to learn about the artistic intelligence of the Polish poster artists, illustrators and designers. They...