Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair, 1861

The first incarnation of "Vanity Fair" reflects on a key battle of the American Civil War.

My Kinda Sad Portfolio Story

This week and next, we’re asking the judges of the Print Portfolio Review to tell us about their portfolios—specifically their first portfolios, and how they helped or hindered their early careers. Yesterday, Mirko Ilić told us about the “big paper salad” he brought to New York City in 1986. Today, Debbie...

Drawing the Best-Dressed

For the September 2012 issue of Vanity Fair, the British fashion illustrator David Downton (as in the Abbey) painted five portraits from real-life sittings to honor the members of this year’s Best-Dressed Hall of Fame. Sofia Coppola, Carolina Herrera, Daphne Guinness, Iman, and Countess Jacqueline De Ribes posed for his pen...