vintage monograms

Lord of the Pinky Rings (and Pins)

Register today for the free course “5 Skills Every Design Needs to Know.” Remember this ode to love lost and regained? Aww when Judy left with Johnny at my party . . . And came back wearing his ring . . . It always made me wonder where all those high school and college...

Two-tone Monograms

Monograms and signets are beautiful typographic delights that require a keen design sense and a calligraphic hand. Get inspired by these German specimens from Max Körner's Das Neue Monogram und Zeichenwerk (c.1950).


Not that they ever left, but monograms are back. And they are beautiful to behold. Once the accessory of the aristocratic, the monogram is a vibrant and vital piece of graphic design. Here are some vintage ones to whet the appetite.