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UX Design Course Preview: Wireframes and Prototypes

User-centered web design is in high demand these days. Designers and clients alike are focusing on responsiveness, usability and aesthetics, and learning how to create wireframes and prototypes is the best way to ensure that your web designs cover all three. In the UX design process, wireframing allows you to structure the information on...


7 Stunning Interactive Design Projects from the RDA

The Print Regional Design Annual is the most comprehensive graphic design competition in the United States, and it’s the only competition that organizes work by geography. The competition recognizes projects of all kinds, from packaging designs to 3D projects to interactive design and self-promotion projects. Winners are chose by judges who are preeminent leaders...


Learn How to Create a Website in Dreamweaver

Web design has become an increasingly crucial aspect of any designer’s repertoire. If you’re new to web design, learn how to create a website in Dreamweaver Brian Wood’s HOW Design University course Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver. This course will teach you how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create beautiful, functional and successful...


Explore Web Typography with Patrick McNeil

The ability to overcome the limitations of web safe fonts was once a dream for many web designers and marketing professionals. Now, the idea of “safe” web fonts is no longer an issue for designers, and web typography is richer than ever. In his HOWU course, Web Typography, Patrick McNeil will teach you the...


The 2014 Pantone Plus Series is here!

The new 2014 Pantone Plus Series is now available! The new series features extensive updates, including 84 brand new colors and special Artist Edition covers. Pantone Plus includes mobile apps, software, wireless devices and cloud services that ensure accurate color communication, inspiration and reproduction in today’s globally connected economy. Incorporating the best of both...


Q&A with Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger

Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger are co-founders at Motto, an award-winning comprehensive branding firm. Motto helps visionary entrepreneurs and companies build inspiring purpose driven brands using their most powerful asset: their purpose. Sunny and Ashleigh are notorious for their unorthodox leadership style, inspiring point of view, and purpose-driven positioning approach. Their branding and professional...

KISSMetrics infographic as seen in http://www.fastcompany.com/3009317/why-is-facebook-blue-the-science-behind-colors-in-marketing

The Science, Business and Voodoo of Color in Marketing

Color persuades—this we know for sure. So studying color in marketing, the ultimate persuasion business, seems ripe for fascinating insights. Here’s a dive into some of the latest research on the topic. I can’t think of a longer-lasting, higher-stakes design decision than choosing your logo design and palette, so colors of major web brands...


Welcome to Webarnia!

Not only is your knowledge of HTML coding necessary, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery are all vital to rounding out your skills as a creative professional. With the ability to create a number of engaging designs, these codes also serve as inspirations and data trackers.