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11 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Web Fonts

The number one essential thing to keep in mind when selecting the best web fonts is scalability. Pay attention to when the fonts scale to either a smaller or larger size for different screen sizes that the fonts remain legible. That’s pro-tip number one. However, there are other crucial considerations to keep in mind...

Jason Santa Maria, On Web Typography

In his newly released book, On Web Typography, design icon Jason Santa Maria takes a deep dive into the the technical constraints that plague us and keep us kerning (and yearning). Here, James Pannafino gets up close with Santa Maria on his book, his approach to web typography and his big industry influences.

Turnip Patch Meets Type Technology

“Technology will change everything we know about type.” So predicts David Jonathan Ross, one of six full-time type designers for Font Bureau, the Boston-based digital type studio Roger Black and David Berlow founded in 1989 to create custom fonts for newspaper and magazine publishers. “Technology will change the way we draw fonts, we sell...