11 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Web Fonts

The number one essential thing to keep in mind when selecting the best web fonts is scalability. Pay attention to when the fonts scale to either a smaller or larger size for different screen sizes that the fonts remain legible. That’s pro-tip number one. However, there are other crucial considerations to keep in mind...

Fairness for Fontmakers

Steven Heller talks with Peter Bilak about Fontstand, an application that gives users affordable access to thousands of high-quality fonts from some of the world’s most renowned foundries.

Today's Obsession: A Type Designer's Challenges

At Typographica today, Stephen Coles posts a comment from one of his readers that was worthy of expansion into its own post. This is an intriguing look into the current state of webfonts development from Tiro Typeworks’ Ross Mills’ point of view, and looks at hinting more than anything else. The article gives a...