World Cup

06/13/2014: World Cup book

Another well-designed World Cup project, this one a collaboration between Hey and Studio DBD. The book project contains facts about players from each of the 32 teams playing in the 2014 games, and the book, as well as prints are available for purchase at Twenty Twenty Two. Check out more images here.

06/12/2014: World Cup poster

London-based designer Neil Stevens has a unique, retro-style to his illustration and typography, and his color choices are impeccable. The Fox is Black recently pointed to a series of cycling posters Stevens created for the Spring Classic, but as it’s World Cup Day, I’ve decided instead to focus on this print from he created...

Balls on the Line

Every four years, the World Cup comes around, and every four years, two things happen with remarkable consistency. First, England instantly self-destructs and conspires to undermine every patriotic sentiment within me. And second, the world’s greatest footballers complain about the new balls. Football (sic) is not a complicated sport: two teams, two goals and...