Typography & Lettering Awards Winners 2016: Typographic Design

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Typographic Design Best in Class

Neenah Paper Beauty of the Letterpress Poster


Gee + Chung Design, San Francisco; www.geechungdesign.com: Earl Gee (art director/designer/illustrator), TPD Design House (printing/concept/design); Neenah Paper (client)

Typographic Design Merit Winners

1. Boy Scout Scott Visitor Center


Volume Inc., San Francisco; www.volumesf.com: Eric Heiman, Adam Brodsley (art directors), Bryan Bindloss, Jon Hioki (designers); Boy Scout Scott Visitor Center (client)

2. Design Perspectives Lecture Poster


Braley Design, Lexington, KY; www.braleydesign.com: Michael Braley (creative director/designer), Kate Davis (account director), The Half and Half (printing); AAF Lexington (client)

3. For the Love of Tokyo


Kendall Henderson, New York City; www.kendallhenderson.com: Kendall Henderson (designer)

4. The Guns Issue


Jon Valk Design, New York City; www.jonvalkdesign.com: TJ Tucker (art director), Jon Valk (designer/illustrator), Kendrick Kidd (monogram); Texas Monthly (client)

5. Heel Thyself


Footwear Plus magazine, New York City; www.mccandlissandcampbell.com: Trevett McCandliss, Nancy Campbell (creative directors/designers), Katie Belloff (associate are director), Bill Phelps (photographer), Ann Loynd (fashion editor), Tara Anne Dalbow (stylist); Footwear Plus magazine

6. Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary


Cue, Minneapolis; www.designcue.com: Alan Colvin (art director), Matt Erickson, Nick Brue (designers); Brown Forman (client)

7. Neenah Fresh Takes on Classic Type


Willoughby Design, Kansas City, MO; www.wiloughbydesign.com: Ann Willoughby, Nicole Satterwhite, Zack Shubkagel (art directors), Angela Snyder, Drue Flynn (designers), Alyson Kuhn (copywriter), Independent Printing Company, Inc. (printing); Neenah Paper (client)

8. Paper à la Russe


Paperless Post, New York City; www.paperlesspost.com: Luke Williams (art director), Laura Berglund, Cat Chi (designers), Daniel Sky (photographer), Stephanie Shih (copywriter), Top Notch Graphics (printing); Paperless Post (client)

9. Tennessee Homemade Wines Co.

Southern Red & White by Chad Michael Studio3

Chad Michael Studio, Dallas, TX; www.chadmichealstudio.com: Chad Michael (designer/copywriter), Rusty Hill (photographer), Clove St. Press (printing); Tennessee Homemade Wines (client)

10. The Story of Reason in Islam


Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein, Pittsford, NY; www.annatype.com: Rob Ehle (art director), Anne Jordan, Mitch Goldstein (designers/photographers); Stanford University Press (client)