Typography design is a vibrant field in the digital era, with designers creating web fonts, crafting new versions of classics, and delving into everything from hand-drawn type to experimental typography. Printmag experts including Paul Shaw, Steven Heller, and J.J. Sedelmaier provide thoughtful reflections on fonts and typography designers, providing a wealth of inspiration. Interviews reveal the behind-the-scenes artistry of the craft.

The Big Picture

Excelsior was originally a popular movie magazine that published in Milan in Madrid from 1927 to 1937. Heller takes a look at a special issue that broke…

Weekend Heller: Chermayeff’s Early Book Covers

It was once said, power is in the hands of the person who owns a printing press. Well, if it’s still true, Michael Russem of Kat Ran Press has been doing good things with his power. He has also helped develop a gallery for graphic design, Katherine Small Gallery in Somerville, Mass., to accompany...

Brody’s Bonn and Buffalo: The Bs Return

Neville Brody is coming to New York on June 14 to speak on “Type and Time” as part of the TDC at Parsons program. He will discuss type on a grand stage (he is on a roll with Coke's Unity type) but also the introduction of his latest two type families, Bonn and Buffalo....

How A Chimney Influenced A Typeface

Working from several hundred reference photographs of industrial chimney lettering, ornamenting/patterning, and roughly two dozen archival engineering drawings, the Stack fonts were developed to be true to the spirit of the original masonry lettering while also being authentically original.

Typefaces Extolling the Virtue of America

The American Edwin Hooper Denby (1873/74–1957) was an architect and member of the architectural firm, Denby and Nute, where he designed typefaces as well as structures. The pages HERE represent his "symposium" on the importance of his all cap typeface for monumental statements.

A Tale of Two Sketches

The other Sunday at Rome's largest flea market Porta Portese the eagle-eyed Louise Fili and Steven Heller spied a small booth selling a few mediocre pencil sketches with one notable exception. The colored pencil drawing on paper (bottom) signed "F. Depero / 1926."

Weekend Heller: Insight Into Indonesian Innovation

Nigel Sielegar, principal of Corse Design Factory NYC, is an Indonesian-born designer with a special interest in promoting design in his native country. Towards this goal he recently published “Collected: Contemporary Graphic Design of Indonesia” co-produced with DGI Press in Jakarta.