Chank Diesel’s Typographic Travels

Type designer Chank Diesel has just released his typographic autobiography, Traveling Type Salesman. I asked Diesel to talk about the whys and wherefores of his book and Kickstarter campaign.


Rumanian Marks

Rumania had a vibrant graphic design industry – and produced some superb designers and illustrators too (think Saul Steinberg). But one of the only ways we in the West could know about it is through the group Graphic Front, which archives and publishes books on design before computers.


Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes . . . .

This isn’t about David Bowie’s 1971 song “Changes” but rather the magazine Changes, a rock tabloid that premiered in June 1969 and was art directed by J.C. Suares.


When Typography Hit The Airwaves

Tony Wons was a popular personality during the depression receiving 2,000 fan letters a week. Tony Wons Scrapbook is a conversational show and he is like an old friend who stops by for a chat.


Alan Kitching’s Full Court Letterpress

As part of the AIGA Centennial event exhibit in New York kicking off at AIGA on May 1, Monotype is working with London’s Alan Kitching, typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner.

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The Interweb of Fine Faces

Jonathan Hoefler tells Steven Heller about Hoefler & Co’s latest latest font family, Surveyor — an interpretation of engraved map lettering that has been about 17 years in development — and his new web font service Cloud.typography, which draws content from the entire Hoefler & Co font library.