Cover Your Eyes: the Graphic Horrors of 1950s Comics

Since this is Banned Books Week, I’ve come to bury Dr. Fredric Wertham, not to praise him. Wertham was an anti-comic book crusader who did some serious damage back in the 1950s. As an entertainment medium, comics were the digital …


The Comics that Corrupted Our Kids!

Kids these days, with their violence and gunplay and perverse sex. We’d all be so much better if only they didn’t have access to those video games and that nasty music and those awful movies and blah blah blah. Thus …


On Their Own Terms: The Graphic Designer Job Description

I have been fascinated with how designers self-identify and describe what they do both to clients and to the design community. There is something brave about stating “I am…” and brazenly filling in the rest, planting a flag, carving out …


A Visit to Milton Glaser’s “Camp”

I never cared for the Camp sensibility. Sit through a “so bad it’s good” flick? Please! I barely have time for good-good movies. My notes on a Sontag lecture I endured: “So dry and detached it’s deadening.” And anyway, Camp …


Beyond Comic-Con: The Wonder Women of Comics

One of the most significant comics events during San Diego Comic-Con this week isn’t even part of the official program. It’s the “Wonder Women: On and Off Paper” exhibition.


Join Adobe at HOW Design Live — June 2013

Adobe is a proud sponsor of HOW Design Live, and has incredible things in store to help sharpen your design skills, and get you re-inspired to create your greatest work yet. Want to win an Adobe® Creative Cloud™ 5-year membership?

Another Swastika Heard From

Although I have no intention of writing another book on The Swastika, I continue to acquire Swastika artifacts when unusual ones appear. This magazine, La Svastica, an Italian weekly journal of politics, art and science was not intrinsically a pro-Nazi …


Image of the Day, April 30 2013

This ambitious large-scale branding campaign for a project called idBrooklyn is looking to kickstarter for funding. Check out more here. Via Creative Roots.


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